CCTV, Perimeter Intruder Detection and Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd provides security solutions to areas that require the highest level of security protection, specialising in Home office and CPNI-led projects for perimeter site security.

We are a total solution provider, from design through to installation and covering the correct testing methodology, system fine tuning, maintenance complete with a full call out and support.

Our services cover electronic based protection and detection systems used for local and remote intruder detection, designed to detect a person or persons with alarm, visual and audio verification as well as under-scanning of vehicle on entry and/or exit. Typically our systems include:

  • Head-end GUI
  • Digital CCTV
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection systems
  • Under-vehicle scanning systems and ANPR

The company provides services and solutions to the British Government services and for Critical National Infrastructure and strategically important commercial establishments, which include:

  • HMP
  • Ministry of Justice
  • UK Borders agency
  • Government Buildings
  • Nuclear Power stations
  • MOD, Petrochemical
  • Gas
  • Pharmaceutical.

Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) and CPNI approved products form the basis of our system designs to ensure compliant systems, approved and documented testing protocols, maintenance and call out of qualified and experienced in house engineers ensure continuity of service for our clients.