Collaboration means we get it right first time  

When sourcing a security product or service, choosing a quality supplier and the resulting collaboration between supplier and customer are of utmost importance.

However, in a world of economic uncertainty, financial pressures can lead to key decision makers allowing price and potential cost savings to dominate their thinking when procuring security solutions.

Alan Drinkwater, managing director of Eclipse Digital Solutions, explained: “It has become increasingly common for organisations to make security-related purchase decisions based on the initial purchase price, rather than the quality of the product and competence of their supplier.

“Safety of staff, visitors and assets should always be the main focus of any organisation and cutting corners on quality can put these factors at risk.

Meets specifications

“At Eclipse we engage with our customers to develop a good understanding of their exact requirements so that we can provide them with the right solution that not only meets their specifications but performs well in the long term.

“When customers opt for low-cost solutions, this often results in systems being low capacity and creates further unwanted costs down the line.

“Even if there is not a major incident, other costs often arise such as premature replacements where new systems are needed sooner than expected. 

“We are often called by customers when things go wrong, such as a failure in footage being recorded or an alarm not correctly alerting them. These failures not only compromise the reputation and safety of the organisation, but also defeat the purpose of investing in a security solution in the first place.

Perils of putting price first

“It is not only customers who are putting price first. Many security contractors are responding to budget constraints by offering lower-priced solutions at the expense of quality and longevity.” 

Daren Wood, head of sales and marketing, said: “During more than 20 years in the security industry, I’ve seen other suppliers compromise on systems to ensure they win the business.

“Unfortunately, this often leaves the customer with an inferior system that does not solve their problems.”

“Recognising the benefits of collaboration with our customers, it is not just crucial to provide a high-quality system, but to be completely clear on their exact requirements,” added Alan.

Extensive experience

“Before making an informed purchase decision, we would always suggest it is worthwhile for them to work closely with us, as our extensive experience can help to identify and pinpoint all their needs. This is especially useful for technology-based solutions as it can be difficult for customers to identify the best technological product.”

Collaboration can help overcome this challenge and enable customers to extract the greatest value from a high-tech solution. In our experience, taking the time to work closely together can result in us providing the right solution and lead to a positive business relationship.

To discover the Eclipse difference, contact us via our online enquiry form or call us on 0370 760 5600.