Fever detection camera can help identify people at risk

As a company which prides itself as being at the cutting edge of security technology, Eclipse Digital Solutions would like to announce that it is now able to supply and install an automatic fever detection camera.

The all-in-one solution for body temperature measurement can assist in identifying at-risk persons at an early stage.

A camera image recognises if they have a fever when they enter your premises. User friendly software displays the measured body temperature of each individual person based on marked faces in the video image and an alarm will sound if a person with a raised temperature is detected.

False alarms caused by hot objects – i.e. a hot drink – are avoided as the solution only measures the temperature of faces.

Key features of the fever detection camera are:

  • Recognition/detection – Automatic recognition of heads in the video image
  • Temperature measurement – The thermal camera measures the precise temperature in the faces of people
  • Information – The body temperature of each person can be seen on the display in the video image
  • Alarm – You will receive an alarm in real time with the corresponding video image on linked monitor, tablet or smartphone
  • Redirection – Alarm images can be forwarded to other task forces to identify the suspected person
  • Protection – Detected persons can be stopped at the entrance and receive appropriate tests/care

The camera is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Government buildings (including town halls and prisons), offices and business premises – Stationary temperature measuring systems at the entrances can check employees and visitors, reducing the risk of infection
  • Airports, ports and border crossings – The detection of people with an infectious disease by means of manual fever measurement is time-consuming and complex as each individual person must be directed to a separation facility and measured personally. The temperature detection system ensures a faster, smoother process
  • Transport hubs and stations – Every passenger wants to reach their destination safely but it can be impossible to maintain proper distances to people with an infectious disease. Temperature measuring systems can be installed at traffic junctions and as mobile systems in vehicles to assist passengers and staff alike  

For more information about how the automatic fever detection camera could assist your business or organisation in keeping employees and visitors safe, please contact Eclipse by calling 08707 605600 or via our online enquiry form.