Inspiring the next generation

As Whitney Houston trilled: “I believe the children are our future” and Eclipse Digital Solutions recently welcomed George Wood – more commonly known by his dad, head of sales and marketing Daren Wood, as son number two – into the workforce.

Fifteen-year-old George joined us on his work experience placement from school and worked alongside Daren in the sales and marketing department for a week. He shared his thoughts on his time with Eclipse…

“I was a little apprehensive going into the placement but as the week progressed, that feeling disappeared. Before my first day, I had little or no idea of what working in a hi-tech company would be like, but what struck me was how Eclipse’s strong focus is always on the latest developments in security systems technology.”

When asked about working with his dad, George replied: “‘I never knew how hard he worked and if I was his boss, I would certainly give him a pay rise!” (Editor’s note: This quote cannot be verified!)

Work experience student George Wood.

During his work placement, George travelled to meet some of Eclipse’s partners, adding: “It is obvious that good relationships exist with all partners, and this is important as it offers tangible benefits for all involved.”

George also participated in a PR strategy meeting and had input into a social media plan that will be undertaken by Eclipse in the coming months.

“The external meetings have helped with my social skills and provided a valuable insight into what areas are important to Eclipse, such as the environment, investing in staff and expanding the company’s footprint and profile across the UK and globally,” he said.

As for his key takeaway, George said: “The whole experience of working in a real commercial company will help me after I leave school.”