Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd work with a diverse range of public organisations and private businesses including prisons, courts, defence, airports, government, border security, sports stadia and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites.

Our clients include:

  • HM Prison Service
  • Ministry of Justice
  • UK Border Agency
  • Ministry of Defence

Critical National Infrastructure

Every country relies on a set of core functions to enable it to function as a society – including government, defence, health, finance, food, energy, transport water, emergency services and petrochemicals.

Protecting this infrastructure is of paramount importance – including a coordinated security strategy and implementation of fit for purpose security measures - not least with the threat of terrorism.

Our multi-sector experience makes Eclipse the perfect partner for the major government departments and public bodies to devise and develop security systems that can monitor and detect threats, mitigate dangers and work in harmony with other systems. All systems are thoroughly tested, expertly installed and maintained by our highly trained team.

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Project win showcases expertise and innovation

Proud to play our part in protecting the nation

Corporate Security

Reputation is everything to most organisations and commercial businesses.

That’s why the risk of security breaches such as loss of data, failure to protect intellectual property and computer hacking or the physical threats posed by terrorism and corporate espionage can cause untold financial and reputational damage.

At Eclipse we can advise and devise strategies and install security systems and protocols to keep your business as safe and secure as possible.

We will explain the potential threats posed and provide advice on the best steps to protect yourself from attack.


Prisons have obvious security risks and constantly need to update their security systems and protocols both in relation keeping prisoners in and contraband out.

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in drones being used to smuggle drugs, phones and weapons into prisons.

Eclipse can provide a range of support services from consultancy on the best ways to protect perimeters to installing the latest CCTV system and other monitoring and detection systems.

Our award-winning drone detection and mitigation solution provides alerts and advanced warning of drone activity to enable the relevant authorities to quickly counteract threats to the security and safety of the prison.

Click on the link below to find out more about the award-winning project Eclipse was involved in at Les Nicolles Prison on the island of Guernsey.

National award success for Eclipse


There is a genuine fear that drones will be used by terrorists to cause fear and destruction by delivering explosives into crowded areas such as festivals or sporting stadia.

Commercially available drones have the potential to be converted into flying bombs capable of hitting targets such as nuclear power stations or other high profile targets.

Imagine if a drone hovered above a popular sporting event, releasing an unknown white powder over the crowd, even if the powder in question was merely talcum powder, it could cause havoc and have catastrophic consequences, not to mention everybody being held and quarantined until it was confirmed what the substance was.

A system provided by Eclipse can detect the presence of a drone from 500 metres away, providing valuable time to deploy a mitigation system.