Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd install under vehicle scanning systems to provide our clients with the perfect solution to scan, inspect and digitally record the underside of vehicles.

It is vital for organisations and individuals to protect themselves against the threat of terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism with increased security measures. Modern technology can also improve the efficiency and quality of your security.

If your premises need securing to the highest standards, talk to us about how under vehicle inspection systems can enable your security staff to carry out high quality and efficient inspections and prevent explosives, weapons, narcotics and other contraband hidden under vehicles from entering your site.

We can install both fixed and temporary installations allowing increased security levels at special events.

The systems we install provide reliable, efficient, and high quality security inspection of all incoming and exiting vehicles, without slowing down the flow of traffic at the access or exit point.

Different mounting configurations allow systems to be installed in many different conditions and locations. The system is capable of being mounted within the road surface to maintain a fully flush finish and to provide a visible location of the unit. Alternatively it can be mounted on top of the road surface for ease of deployment and relocation.

A portable, rapid deployment system is also available, specially designed for deployment at events, allowing it to be moved to any location.

The heavy duty housing for the system can withstand high vehicle loads, while containing the most advanced infrared LED illumination which eliminates problems caused by sunlight, glare, reflection or limited lighting.

The system has a proven track record and is currently widely used by police, border force and military at checkpoints.

Additionally, it is installed at entrances of various high security locations, including Government buildings, residences, critical national infrastructure sites including nuclear, oil and gas, military locations, airports, ports, embassies and corporate headquarters.

To find out more, call us on 0370 760 5600.

What Our Clients Say

"Knowledgeable, experienced and courteous"

"Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd have always provided an innovative and professional approach when working with Thames Water. Their engineers are knowledgeable, experienced and courteous. During the build up to the London 2012 Olympics, Eclipse went that extra mile to ensure that all of the project equipment was installed, tested and operating perfectly well in advance of the required deadline."

Operational Risk Management Specialist, Thames Water

"Once again Eclipse Digital Solutions proved their worth on site."

Service Delivery Manager, HMP Exeter

"Exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely competent"

"Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd installed the first ever drone mitigation solution into any prison, globally. Their engineers integrated the system into our own security management services system, they were exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely competent. An easy company to do business with and one that I would not hesitate to engage with again."

Prison Governor, Les Nicolles Prison, Guernsey

"Thank you for always being willing to engage and offer practical advice or solutions on the security systems installed on site."

Cluster Manager, Government Facilities Services Limited