Drone security
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Drone detection

Eclipse’s award-winning drone detection and mitigation systems are designed to protect your perimeters by identifying and deterring unwanted drones from entering your airspace.

Award-winning drone detection systems

Commercial drones pose security threats to the airspace of many different types of businesses, organisations and venues. As drones become cheaper to buy and more readily accessible more people use them for an increasing range of perfectly legitimate purposes.

However, whether being used for deliberate criminal activity or misused by people who don’t know how or where to operate them safely, drones can cause untold harm.

Easily implemented into your existing security protocols, once a drone is detected the system sends an alert to counteract the threat and also collects digital data for use in the apprehension and prosecution of violators.

We were proud to be named Integrator of the Year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2018 for our work on upgrading a fully integrated security system at Les Nicolles prison in Guernsey.

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