Client satisfaction is motivation for design innovation 

Innovation can be a challenging area for businesses.

It’s no secret that most are better executors than innovators, and success can be achieved through optimising their existing business model rather than creating something new.

Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd head of sales and marketing Daren Wood outlines our innovation strategy. This ensures we succeed while others in the security solutions sector fail.

  • Feedback. It’s easy to say “talk to customers” or “research the market.” At Eclipse we establish specific criteria for the quantity and quality of customer interviews. We value both positive and negative feedback. It helps us shape what we do and how we do it. 
  • Set milestones. Even after the decision has been made to invest in an innovative project, we continue to check not just technical progress, but also customer feedback on a regular basis to ensure their needs will be met. If not, we’ll endeavour to make changes to make sure that we do.
  • Offer guidance to the client. We ensure that staff fully understand the project and the importance of customer outreach. All are trained to reach out directly when required.
  • Have processes in place to react. Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd understand the importance of factoring time into the design processes to reflect on client feedback, to adjust the design accordingly and how to proceed if feedback is poor.

Listening patiently and respectfully to our clients allows us to not only meet their needs but, in most cases, exceed them.

We’re proud to be viewed as their partners or friends and when we work with them on a repeated basis, we soon discover other areas we can help with.

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